is one of the foremost providers of auto loan services after bankruptcy.  Whether you have filed a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we may be able to help you find the car loan you need.  We work with a vast national network of dealers and lenders who are willing to provide bankruptcy auto financing to qualified individuals.

Car Loans After Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

If you have completed your bankruptcy, you may be able to drive away in a new car the same day you apply.  Many of the lenders in our network have a decade or more experience in bankruptcy car loan assistance and have helped millions of people with credit problems get approved for a car loan. You don’t need to have good credit to get a car loan. Let us show you just how simple your auto loan can be — even after bankruptcy! Apply for your Post-Bankruptcy Auto Loan

Auto Financing for Open Bankruptcies

We even help people get car loans with open bankruptcy. So if you have had a bankruptcy and need to buy a car we can help. Apply online to be contacted by a bankruptcy auto finance specialist in your area. Then simply go and pick out your new car, truck, or SUV.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Applicant must have completed the initial meeting of creditors (341 meeting).
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Applicant must request an Authorization to Incur Debt from the trustee.

Apply for your Open Bankruptcy Auto Loan